Internet of things

Internet of things

The IoT (Internet of Things) represents a network of billions of physical objects connected to the Internet that collect and exchange data use sensor with each other.

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Why Internet of Things is best for application development.?

As even more current technologies and network, strategies hit the market, IoT development will keep on advancing, promoting the change of detached items into smart connected gadgets. This pattern will affect all enterprises, as well as our personal lives. The Internet of Things describes the organization of actual items 'things' that are inserted with sensors, software, and different technologies to interface and exchange data with different gadgets and frameworks over the internet. These gadgets range from ordinary household objects to modern industrial tools.

To deal with massive data scales and improve your functions for dependable growth, we craft customized business IoT solutions for your company. Along with that, our variety of cloud, mobility, devise solutions, & established IoT surroundings for your workplace facilitate automated tactics & promote a high class of UX. Stand out with our awesome solutions which are statistics-driven, actual-time, and adaptive to give you agility in your enterprise's overall performance. IoT software development from us generates revenue for you by transforming your ideas into real business value.

Benefits of the Internet of things Development.
  • The Internet of things is part of our daily lifestyle, with it you can turn on or off home appliances, can start and turn on or off car AC, can lock and unlock your office or home.
  • You will get all the real-time data so you can act accordingly. It is connected to the local network also.
  • Using advanced IoT eras like mobile cards, readers or smart trackers can be used to decorate the patron experience.
  • You may use the IoT models and methodologies in your firm for collecting a big chunk of data about clients and enterprise products.
  • By using IoT in surveillance, security standards in the organisation can be improved and suspicious activities can be tracked.
  • You can use it in all sectors there is an advancement in smart device apps used in exceptional sectors like transportation, hospitality, healthcare, and education.

Key Features

Strong connectivity

Radio wave connection

Wi-Fi & BT connectivity

Wired IOT

Handle heavy workload solution

All sensors connection

Analyzing data

Weather details

Smart home connectivity

Face recognizing & biometrics

AI base Advanced IOT

Cross-domain technologies


Having a team of multi-lingual developers as part of our IoT software development services is an advantage for us. Golang, C++, and Node.js are some of the languages we use when building IoT applications.

Our team of IoT app developers has worked with various sensors on various projects, and we offer IoT app development services. There is a wide variety of sensors that we work with, including temperature sensors, pressure sensors, infrared sensors, optical sensors, light sensors, proximity sensors, and a wide variety of other sensors.

For a full list of the sensors we work with, contact our sales team today.

In addition to understanding your requirements, we offer a cost structure only after we have a better understanding of your needs. For a more detailed estimation of the cost for your IoT software development, you should contact our sales team.

Wearable IoT apps can take advantage of an array of technologies. Moreover, we can assist you with creating IoT applications based on NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy, Android, iOS, and Flutter.

You can sign up for our IoT wearables development services if you want to create smartwatch applications. You can find all the end-to-end solutions you need for IoT wearables here.

All of our projects are supported for six months after deployment. In the case of a completed project, the timeline begins when everyone has access to the completed product.

We use the most sophisticated tools in the industry as a leading IoT application development company. Your wireframes, graphics, images, and all other artistic things in your project will be created by our designers using Adobe suite products, Figma, InDesign, and Sketch tools.

Yes, we are using Jira, Atlassian, and Confluence are some of the project management tools we use to ensure timely delivery of all your projects.

Latest Technology Integration

Artificial intelligence

AI is the ability of machines to reason, make decisions and take actions based on the information they receive. In our daily lives, AI plays a large role, whether we realize it or not. AI lurks in every corner of our daily lives, whether we're on Facebook, searching Google, reading Amazon product recommendations, or booking a trip online.


All of these technologies are constantly evolving, so Evolution Infosystem UX designers have to learn and understand their characteristics to deliver the best user experience possible technology, you’ll be able to design experiences that take advantage of each technology and give an outstanding boost to your UX career!

Face recognition & biometrics

It is an amazing experience to be able to update your attendance system in real-time with your smartphone. Biometric sensors and face recognition can be easily integrated by our specialists without causing a hassle. Furthermore, it is capable of integrating with all mobile applications on any operating system.

Internet of things

Evolution Infosystem specialises in the development of IoT apps and solutions. We utilize the latest and give our customers the best based on bespoke requirements from a variety of industries.

Geo-location sensing

Location Sensing and the IOT are incorporated into it. You can gather location data for your workforce and assets with the help of your mobile app. Real-time geolocation of devices can be tracked using geo-tracking. As part of our mobile app development services, we seamlessly integrate this latest tech into your mobile apps.

Bluetooth low energy

BLE is awesome! You can read Arduino sensors via BT and send that data over the internet, create a mesh network of devices or anything else you can think of using BT. Low-power BLE networks operate in ISM 2.4 GHz bands and are wireless. Devices are connected over a short distance with this technology. In terms of design, BLE is particularly suited to IoT applications.

Advanced wearables

This is the future and very helpful in our routine lifestyle which makes it very easy our lifestyle. Our modernistic wearable apps provide several advantages. Suitable for small and huge corporations and production units to enhance their methods. It provides real-time interaction among peers and upper-level management.

Social media

Nowadays human beings are very dependent on social media, so take advantage of it and provide you with social media integration, social media set-up and many more related social media. But one thing that is best about social media is that constantly you can connect with your audience and clients. With this, you can generate leads for your business and convert them into your customer.

Blockchains tech

Blockchain platforms are emerging technologies that can be almost indistinguishable from basic blockchain technology in some cases. A network of participants shares cryptographically signed, irrevocable transactional records to facilitate generalized distributed value exchange. Time stamps and references to previous transactions are included in each record.

Latest Technology

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