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Web Development

Each detail of your website will reflect exactly your vision, as we build it meticulously. Let’s design and development together.

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Are you planning to bring digital transformation to your organization? So, hire a dedicated person who will deliver pixel-perfect design with the best technical development. Value is created and things are accomplished by people, not by technology. With its clear vision, comprehensive roadmap, and highly skilled team of developers, EI is an example of a company that can transform obstacles into rewards.

Why Web Development is best for application development.?

Web development is the coding or programming that enables website functionality, according to the client's requirements. In the IT sector generally, developers are using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for developing websites. Also, we add in a wide sense, that web development is surrounded by all the actions, updates, and operations required to build, maintain or manage a website to surely improve its performance, user experience, and website speed are optimal. Developing the web development hierarchy is as follows. In addition to automating daily tasks, web apps streamline features, and enable direct communication. This is why you need tailor-made web app development services for the certain execution of web apps as a mighty advertising strategy. Our awesome projects unlock new digital channels with AI-based features & enticing UI/UX. Bringing the capabilities of web apps to your customers for an evolution of your business, Evolution Infosystem provides 360-degree strategic tech solutions. So, as an extensive web development organization, we emphasize the 4 pillars: user experience, scalability, security, & economic system for the web development strategy. Taking your unique enterprise vision into account, we develop, test, and recreate exceptional web apps in a stepwise sustainable approach. We become an indispensable asset to your digital project as a result of our web development company's services.

Benefits of the Web Development Development.
  • Customers can find you anytime anywhere through a website or web application. One more thing in a competitive world websites make an important role in your business.
  • A website is very important in this modern era, it can build credibility for the business and google reviews make a website more authentic.
  • You can enhance customer service with a website. On-website interaction with clients and clients review also give benefits to sales.
  • The web app is a very extensive platform where customers can buy products or services in a wide range. Also with a web app, you can promote business quicker.
  • With live video chat, live chatbots, newsletter updates e-mails etc you can communicate with your customers and engage with a web app.
  • In the digital marketing era with SEO, you can run digital marketing campaigns for your web app.

Key Features

Serverless architecture

No or low code development

API first design

Advanced chatbots and animation using motion AI

voice assistance and Dark mode

Single page web app


Accelerate mobile page

3D and floating elements

Isometrics and custom illustration

pixel-perfect in app gesture and animation

Interactive and fingertip tip friendly navigations


Web Apps: A web browser is necessary for web apps, which require wireless connectivity or mobile data.

Installed directly on a phone, Native Apps do not require internet access to function. As a result, it functions according to the nature of the native app.

Performance improvements on the page, No issues with mobile applications, Cost reductions, Cost-effective user acquisition, Improved user engagement, and An increase in online visibility, usually in the search engines

Source code cannot be released until the final settlement is completed because we want to protect our rights. A few coding chunks may be available as images, however. The development which is done is uploaded on the git repo where you can check the development done.

Web development projects have a variety of factors that determine their timeline. A variety of factors include the application's nature, what features it will include, the developer's experience, the platform it will be developed on, and more. Our team can provide you with a detailed estimate.

Yes, we have plenty of experience with SPA. SPA is presented with a single HTML page that is more responsive and can be a clone with desktop or native apps. SPA performance most of the UI logic in a web browser communicating with a web server that primarily used web APIs.

We can make interactive designs by converting provided mockups or prototypes into eye-catchy, pixel-perfect and well-responsive.

We have developed the following unique features in our E-commerce apps. Marketing tools integration, store setup, best payment method integration, tracking order, shipping method, wishlist, online live chat, chatbots.

The maintenance of web apps includes revamping the website with a pixel-perfect front-end, improving the back-end, fixing the bugs in code, developing HQ codes and implementing new features.

By integrating APIs to the front-end we can make the entire web app a great UI.

APIs are generally web services. This is the main difference between web services and APIs. It is important to note, however, that APIs are not always web services. Web services, meanwhile, only use REST, SOAP, and XML-PRC as methods for delivering services. APIs also use a variety of communication modes based on the requirements.

In back-end development, we have expertise in building APIs, integrating APIs, database architecture and maintenance.

We are providing generally auto and manual testing methods.

We learn your project in detail, make everything clear, do the setup and begin with development.

Latest Technology Integration

Artificial intelligence

AI is the ability of machines to reason, make decisions and take actions based on the information they receive. In our daily lives, AI plays a large role, whether we realize it or not. AI lurks in every corner of our daily lives, whether we're on Facebook, searching Google, reading Amazon product recommendations, or booking a trip online.


All of these technologies are constantly evolving, so Evolution Infosystem UX designers have to learn and understand their characteristics to deliver the best user experience possible technology, you’ll be able to design experiences that take advantage of each technology and give an outstanding boost to your UX career!

Face recognition & biometrics

It is an amazing experience to be able to update your attendance system in real-time with your smartphone. Biometric sensors and face recognition can be easily integrated by our specialists without causing a hassle. Furthermore, it is capable of integrating with all mobile applications on any operating system.

Internet of things

Evolution Infosystem specialises in the development of IoT apps and solutions. We utilize the latest and give our customers the best based on bespoke requirements from a variety of industries.

Geo-location sensing

Location Sensing and the IOT are incorporated into it. You can gather location data for your workforce and assets with the help of your mobile app. Real-time geolocation of devices can be tracked using geo-tracking. As part of our mobile app development services, we seamlessly integrate this latest tech into your mobile apps.

Bluetooth low energy

BLE is awesome! You can read Arduino sensors via BT and send that data over the internet, create a mesh network of devices or anything else you can think of using BT. Low-power BLE networks operate in ISM 2.4 GHz bands and are wireless. Devices are connected over a short distance with this technology. In terms of design, BLE is particularly suited to IoT applications.

Advanced wearables

This is the future and very helpful in our routine lifestyle which makes it very easy our lifestyle. Our modernistic wearable apps provide several advantages. Suitable for small and huge corporations and production units to enhance their methods. It provides real-time interaction among peers and upper-level management.

Social media

Nowadays human beings are very dependent on social media, so take advantage of it and provide you with social media integration, social media set-up and many more related social media. But one thing that is best about social media is that constantly you can connect with your audience and clients. With this, you can generate leads for your business and convert them into your customer.

Blockchains tech

Blockchain platforms are emerging technologies that can be almost indistinguishable from basic blockchain technology in some cases. A network of participants shares cryptographically signed, irrevocable transactional records to facilitate generalized distributed value exchange. Time stamps and references to previous transactions are included in each record.

Latest Technology

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